Razor R-​1 Roller Supreme

After exhaus­tive tri­als the Blue Green com­pany presents the news wooden spear­gun roller Razor R-​1 Supreme. Based in famous model Razor R-​1 that for above 10 years is fished at all Seas and Oceans world­wide. The design of Razor R-​1, min­i­mizes the side pro­file of the gun with as soon as 30mm and thus mak­ing as agile as a con­ven­tional spear­gun while mov­ing sideways.

Longer avail­able arm­ing length: Shaped anatomic han­dle and stain­less steel trig­ger mech­a­nism, with reverse design, gives an addi­tional 10cm length to the arm­ing length of the spear­gun with total armed for:

  • Razor R-​1 85cm total 146cm
  • Razor R-​1 95cm total 164cm
  • Razor R-​1 105cm total 180cm
  • Razor R-​1 115cm total 198cm

devel­ops the total length of arm, achiev­ing big­ger agility and improves the aim­ing. With one main pair 16mm rub­bers and two pairs 16mm for supe­rior power 7,5mm shaft gives us dras­tic shoots more than 6 meters with zero recoil.

Impaired power (>4500Nt):

The mech­a­nism of Razor R-​1, man­u­fac­tured in total of stain­less steel 316 marine, grade steel, was designed based on the need for greater strength and reli­a­bil­ity apply­ing the laws of physics to their most sim­ple and effec­tive means. The trig­ger mech­a­nism, can accom­mo­date for exces­sive forces, with­out reduc­ing the sen­si­tiv­ity of the trig­ger. Rigid­ity: The use of the best qual­ity tim­ber (Teak, Mahogany and Iroko) and the com­bi­na­tion of 5 and more lay­ers for each muz­zle, make the gun as rigid as possible.

Is given also the pos­si­bil­ity of camo paint.

Guar­an­tee: All RAZOR spear­guns are cov­ered with a 3 year guar­an­tee, and a life­time guar­an­tee for the trig­ger mechanism.

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