Smooth Camo

Uti­mate qual­ity for high per­for­mance

Smooth Out­side – Open Cell inside suits, are made using, the high­est qual­ity neo­prene HEIWA AWS SK (3,55,57,0mm 8,0mm), with extra small cell(high den­sity) within the neo­prene core, to ensure min­i­mum com­pres­sive shrink­age, main­tain­ing its smooth­ness and insu­la­tion prop­er­ties at all depths. All suits are avail­able, in stan­dard sizes, and can be also made to mea­sure suits, should you require so. Suits can be also tex­tured to match any cam­ou­flage pat­tern using the unique, and only avail­able through BLUE-​GREEN, COL­OR­PENE dye paints for neo­prene. All suit pieces, are pre­formed to match the body anatomy, the clo­sures and straps are care­fully designed, the seams at neo­prene edges and the per­fect sheet bonds, have estab­lished , Blue Green wet­suits, amongst the top in the world market.

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