Spear­gun with alu­minium tube and full rail with spe­cial V type for min­i­mum fric­tion, ex. diam­e­ter 32mm and wall thick­ness 1,5mm, a spear­gun capa­ble of accept­ing and lead two rub­bers with reduced recoil because of rigid­ity and mass of the tube. Fea­tures inverted stain­less steel trig­ger mech­a­nism with auto­matic line release. Remov­able sup­port bridge for arrow. Are man­u­fac­tured in four lengths: 100cm-​110cm-​120cm-​130cm.

The Ocean comes with stain­less steel shaft 7,0mm with shark fins, and two rub­bers 16mm with dyneema wishbone.

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