Cam­era Mounts for Spearguns

Cam­era Mounts for Spearguns.

Series mounts it comes in order to make more eas­ily and prac­tice the under­wa­ter video. Con­sti­tute from two parts: 1) The con­stant base that we place on the hand­hold of spear­gun and 2) Extracted base that we place the camera.

Now we can have in all our spear­guns the con­stant bases and very eas­ily we can change the cam­era from spear­gun to spear­gun when­ever we want in the sea with one move.

The mounts and con­stant bases are man­u­fac­tured from Stain­less Steel 316L. The base are man­u­fac­tured to fit on the most spear­guns of the mar­ket with option left or right.

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